15 November 2007

life's too short to wear a bad outfit

So, my appearances-wise favorite, beautiful girl Simone had a short reign. Oh well! So what did we like?

What I admired:

Designed by Chris, Rami, & Jillian

What I want to wear:

Designed by Christian, Victorya, & Steven


Designed by Carmen, Marion, & Elisa

There are too many designers left for me to start choosing my favorites. Rami, of course, is mega talented but I'm wondering if he's a one-trick pony. Chris surprised me with his great dress, but in the future will they err on the side of too theatrical? "Sweet P" and "Kit Pistol" annoyed me (pretty much anyone with a made-up nickname annoys me), as did Elisa (this season's Angela perhaps?). I am excited to see this season's creations and how they will inspire my wardrobe...I've already picked out a slightly more interesting outfit for tomorrow based on what the designers were wearing!

Who were your favorites?