20 November 2007

really, now. really.

I had the whole weekend off for a romantic anniversary rendezvous that included lounging, eating great food and even an unexpected, very cool gift (this + a beautiful chunky chain). Unfortunately, it did not allow for much LSAT study time. **T-minus 11 days**--I am flipping out. I really, really need to spend every free waking hour studying. Really. I need to stop reading blogs, stop shopping, put running on the back burner, & stop doing everything else until this is over & done!

My last shopping experience for these 2 weeks happened today when I walked over to SuperTarget for my lunch break. I had almost completely forgotten about Erin Fetherston's debut this past Sunday. I guess I'm pretty disillusioned by the GO! International lines after numerous disappointments. Her dresses are cute, but I'm not in the market for cutesy ruffled/babydoll/chiffon dresses. I tried on some pants that fit poorly and the only thing left that interests me is this:

On Target's website, a reviewer called this top "too costumey". Perfect! I hate wearing things that everyone else is wearing. At only $19.99, I'll order it online and take my chances.

Sorry, but I'm hoping this is my last post until at least December 2nd. I will leave you with a hilarious video (an homage to my inexplicable & intense love for Andy Samberg):

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Alexandra said...

Good luck on the lsat!
...and yes, I spent some time on the target website just now, and really nothing from Erin Fetherston's collection caught my eye.

Heather said...

Haha! That is my boyfriend's favorite video, he's made me watch it about 5 times... hilarious though, and Andy Samberg is as delicious as my boy himself.

I'm not too impressed with Erin Fetherston either. I was really excited about the tiered white dress with the sleeves, but the Target by my house didn't have it at all.

The Clothes Horse said...

Not wanting to have what other people have led me to blowing tons of money while studying abroad, because I figured no one in the states would have it!
The hats are from eBay actually.