08 July 2008

my summertime songs

Yes, the seven songs of summer. I know these will always remind me of my last summer of freedom before law school, a stuffy career and all that.

Tristan Prettyman- Smoke
M.I.A.- Paper Planes
Madonna- Give it 2 Me (the whole Hard Candy album, really, it's my go-to running music)
She & Him- Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
The Pierces- Three Wishes
Paramore- That's What You Get
Fatboy Slim- Rockefeller Skank (just because it's gotten me through so many hot, long, summer runs)


Adiel said...

Pretty good list!

WendyB said...

I've been listening to Rockefeller Skank too. The video amuses me.

L. said...

She & Him are pretty much the best thing ever in my opinion.

Kristin said...

i love she & him!!

hate to ask this, but it's kinda crappy when people go on the blog list and visit an abandoned blog... lol; i know i hate it. if you wouldn't mind, could you switch my blog (live.speak.breathe.fashion) to not so prim and proper located at www.kristinPRIM.co.nr?
i know, this is kinda rude/weird, but i would hate for people to visit an abandoned blog.
thanks so much!! if you're interested, i could link you up at my new one. let me know!!

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