09 June 2007


So the interview went....nowhere. (But I looked cute! Black pants, white 3/4 sleeve button up, black tank worn as a vest). And it wasn't even a bad interview, it was just pointless. It was painfully obvious the whole time that the partner interviewing me had not even glanced at my resume'. The only reason they talked to me at all is because my dad does business with them. They didn't have any openings, and even if they did, I am under qualified. They may have an opening as a file clerk in about 3 months. *sigh* It looks as if I will have to go back to my old retail job and find another one on the side...until something real materializes.

First off, of course my joblessness is at the worst possible timing...I am of course referring to the Net-a-Porter sale extravaganza. Extravaganza! That word alone makes me want to spend money. My heart almost broke when I saw that my favorite shoes in the whole world are on sale (but still far out of my budget considering I haven't made a dime in over a month). But seriously, go look at their sale. Their selection of flats on sale is amazing. Does anyone know how often they have these extravaganzas? Hopefully this will happen again in my lifetime!

So, back to grim reality. On the way home from my faux interview I had to stop and have some (very limited) retail therapy to fend off the frustration. Bath & Body Works is having their big semi-whatever sale...perfect. They have really gotten better lately, with a huge variety of products and brands. Their old-school scents kinda make me gag, freesia and sun-ripened raspberry being the big 2 that remind me of junior high. In 7th and 8th grade, I always ended up somehow having gym 1st period. What a nightmare. We had to run around and get sweaty, but we weren't allowed to shower. So I always carried a big bottle of freesia body splash to try and make it through the day without smelling as bad as I surely looked. Anyway, I have really liked a lot of Bath & Body's True Blue Spa products, and they have a new line called "Savannah Bee" that is really nice. It looks like a rip-off of Burt's Bees, but that's ok because I like it even better than Burt's. I got the mint julep body wash and tupelo honey lip balm. They are amazing, just the thing to cheer me up! The body wash is so yummy and refreshing, especially when it's 92 degrees with 80% humidity. The lip balm smells so good. I put it on before bed, and when I work up my lips still smelled/tasted like honey. If anyone is in need of some new lip balm or bath products, check these out...everything is 50% off right now. Not exactly an even trade for the Net-a-Porter sale, but I love it!

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