12 May 2007

a little late, but...

The past few days have consisted of job searching, polyvore.com, and ogling the pictures from the Met Poiret Gala. I know that they are posted everywhere but I just have to put my favorite looks and favorite people here.

Kate Bosworth is one of my all-time favorite Hollywood people. She looks beautiful in Prada and definitely evokes the era of Poiret.

What a gorgeous, classy couple. Emily Blunt looking elegant in Calvin Klein.

Mischa Barton is mature and refreshing in Giambattista Valli. She has great taste when she's not rocking the diaper-jeans!

Johnny isn't looking so cute wearing Britney's hand-me-down boots, but Kirsten is wearing another great '20's look from YSL. I know this showed up on some worst-dressed lists, but she pulls is off and you know you'd love to wear something this outrageous if you had a chance.

photos of Kate & Emily from fashion.elle.com/blog, Mischa & Kirsten from fashion.verbatim

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Couture Bowl said...

I secretly liked KDunst's look as well. Who can really criticize YSL??