25 May 2007

a trend too far

Dance inspired shoe trends have been popular lately. When ballet shoes first came out en masse, I wasn't a big fan. Flat, squat-toed shoes are not the most flattering on my athletic-built calves. I did find one pair that I wear often, but I prefer to stick to pointier shoes if they're flat. I was even more wary of jazz shoes when they arrived. I always hated how they looked, even when I was 12 years old in my jazz dance class. They have grown on me, and they no longer come just from Capezio in nude or black. These metallic shoes from Urban Outfitters actually go very nicely with simple, basic-colored outfits.

An even newer shoe I've seen recently is not strictly dance-inspired, but they are just a step too far for me. they are menswear-inspired, but for the sake of this post I'll also say that they are also inspired by tap shoes!
Ok, what kind of normal girl could pull these off? You'd have to be nearing 6 feet tall & somewhat androgynous to pull off these extreme menswear wingtips. I am just waiting to see if these new shoes will gain as much popularity as the ballet flat or even the jazz shoe.

crazy wingtips also from Urban Outfitters..available in lace up or slip on!

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Anonymous said...

oh gosh i know! i cant imagine girls wearing men-inspired shoes.

that should have never been able to make it to the shelves.