07 May 2007


Ugh. This was as the worst shopping day I can remember. So much anticipation, so much letdown! The outlets were a bust. Completely crowded, completely picked over. I spent about 2 hours there and all I have to show is 2 pairs of running shorts from Adidas. I thought going to Target to see Patrick Robinson would make me feel better. Not so. I was so disappointed by the line. They had one dress (pictured below) left, and it was my size, so I thought it was destiny. Not so--it feels like heavy, stiff burlap and fits like a potato sack. The linen vest looks cheesy with its ugly, poorly sewn buttons.
The cute looking bubble skirt Was completely shapeless and not at all bubble-y. Some of the blouses and pants were totally see-through and flimsy. I tried on this swimsuit and loved it- great fit, great drape, cute knot detailing. I looked closer and the fabric was already worn out where the hanger clips had gripped it...and it had only been on the sales floor for 1 day. I couldn't believe how cheaply everything had been made. It seems like even Mossimo clothing has better quality than this stuff.
So, I didn't get a shopping pick me up that I had hoped for today. I will just keep saving up my money until I can get the really good stuff...a shopping trip to Neiman's & Nordstrom!

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