26 June 2008

possibly irrational things that I want to do because of Lily Allen's adorableness:

1. Wear a kicky romper

2. Dye my hair hot pink

3. Start smoking

Ok, maybe I'll just settle for getting some more bangs and wearing lots of skirts. And an inconspicuous streak of pink.


I just love her! Lily, we should totally be friends! I am not creepy..!!


N/OutofFashion said...

Thanks for the comments, I am a SO glad I am not the only one living like this :D

I love Lily Allen, I even quite like her pink hair.

Jay said...

I like her to and absolutely love her cd

That Girl said...

I adore lily too ♥

esp. in sneakers!


Always In Style said...

I adore Lily, and you are not creepy!