31 October 2007


Late yesterday we were told that yes, we could dress up for work today. Hey, anything to put a little spice in the day & make it go by faster, right? I saw this costume on Mary-Kate and so wanted to recreate it:

(please disregard a very excited cheerleader Marc!)

Every store was completely picked over for Halloween goodies, but I found the makeup I needed and figured I could just wear a cute dress. Well, the more I thought about it the more I chickened out. I didn't want to be over-the-top-bloody for a daytime workplace, a la Meredith Palmer (bottom righthand corner- she grossed everyone out with her bloody head!):

So instead of being fabulous, I went as a witch with black cardi & jersey skirt, black lipstick, witch hat, and $3.99 neon-green-and-black-striped tights from CVS. I was relieved to choose this milder costume, however, since only 3 of us dressed up! And one of the "costumes" of a co-worker consisted of jeans, a t-shirt, and butterfly wings. Lame! It's all well and good because my CVS tights only lasted about 4 hours until they sagged around my ankles and the crotch hung to my knees. I changed into pants for the rest of the day, so my costume ended up being lame as well. If I ever actually do anything for Halloween one of these years, maybe I'll try MK's glam vampire!

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The Clothes Horse said...

MK can do no wrong, even in a costume. I love the office, so hilarious and you feel as if the people are a little extreme, but they could be real...