25 October 2007

she doesn't belong

A lot of pictures on Go Fug Yourself shock me. But this one shocks me for a different reason:

Why? Because she absolutely doesn't belong anywhere near the word "fug". She is so gorgeous and always looks polished & unique. Well, maybe her natural beauty can pull off any look, or maybe I'm biased because she is one of those people who can do no wrong in my book, ever (others on my shortlist include: Lily Allen, and Gwen Stefani). Anyway, I love it!


Anonymous said...

hey this is the first time i've checked out your awesome blog! we must trade links if you love kate bosworth's style just as much as i do! that is soo not fug! she is always classic and youthful at the same time, stunning

WendyB said...

I disagree with a lot of the GFY posts. Some of them really are bad, but other times I feel like the bloggers just want to see everyone in a goddess gown, at which point they'll complain everyone is boring and needs to take chances. A lot of the Fashion Police stuff in general is like that. If you go by their rules, you'll never have any fun.

The Clothes Horse said...

Definitly not a fug worthy outfit and there are plenty of those out there! I love the way Kate Bosworth generally seems to be interested in fashion.