19 October 2007


It's time once again to talk about my most blatant obsession. I SO love Gossip Girl. I tell everyone I know to watch it, and even my man is involved! I have used my newly brunettiness as an excuse to become more like Blair (um, in the non-evil way. although she is deliciously evil, I could never plot & scheme like her).

I have long wished to dress like a fictional 17-year old, which is sad, but have you ever seen a fictional 17-year-old pull off a serious blazer like this? So perfect. She is my fashion inspiration for the polished yet unstuffy look. Just watch the show or browse the photo gallery. Watching her flawless wardrobe helps me stick to my plan (buying only high-quality, nice clothing) even while I am working in a trendy, heavily discounted retail environment.

Thank you, Gossip Girl, for restoring my desire for style!

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