21 October 2007

delicious knits

I have always loved beautiful, well-made sweaters (bonus points for applique/hand-sewn details). Growing up, I always chose my special "Christmas present from Grandma" as a sweater from the J.Crew catalog, since their soft pretty sweaters were out of our family's everyday price range. I still have them all and would wear them if it weren't for living in this year-round humidity inferno known as Florida. So, imagine the torture when I get Stitch, a new catalog from Anthropologie, in the mail. I don't really know why it has its own name or what its purpose is, but I ate it right up. On the website, they call Stitch a catalog "devoted to keeping you cozy". Well, being cozy is nice but not exactly my biggest priority right now (that would be staying as un-sweaty as possible). Anyway, here are some of the gorgeous knits that are totally unwearable right now, but incredibly tempting nonetheless (forgive the poorly, hastily scanned pictures):

*sigh* well, there was ONE item in the catalog that I might actually be able to wear, and it happens to have me drooling:

Maybe that is what I'll ask for for Christmas this year.


Dee said...

Hi Christine!

I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm moving to South Florida soon and have no idea what to wear! I'm from Southern California and while it's never super cold here either, we don't have humidity. Can you give me any tips on what I can expect to wear, or what the winter is like? I'd really appreciate any advice!


Emma said...

Knits ARE fab. I bought one today.