06 October 2007

vintage antm

Well it looks like my life is finally coming together (knock on wood!). I finally got a full-time job with benefits! yay! This is good, since I haven't been to the dentist in...uhh...let's not think about it. I am also studying for the LSAT and think law school might be the right future for me. And, I went from blond to dark brunette. So anyway! Change is good and things are looking up.

It's my first Saturday night off in, well, about 6 months, so how do I spend it? Watching reruns of America's Next Top Model, cycle 6 (the one where Danielle wins). It is by far one of the best "cycles," I loved all the models EXCEPT Jade. Ick. I think she is NOT cute at all and I hate how she condescends absolutely everyone around her. I am finally watching the episode where she goes home, and it is so great. When it first aired, I remember screaming for joy when she finally lost. "the one regret I have is that I think the judges made the wrong choice". And then her leaving poem "leftover lady"! UGH. Just go away. I was going to put a picture of Jade on here just to refresh everyone's memory, but I cannot put that girl on my page.

So, my new job. It is in retail! haha. Big surprise. Once you're in retail for so long, it's like a trap. Luckily I'm working for one of the bigger/better companies out there, so the pay & benefits are good. I just have to tell myself to NOT go crazy with the employee discount and stick to my plan of saving up for high quality basics. Such as:

Frye Liv T-Straps $178 at shopbop

Generra short- sleeve dress
$375 at shopbop

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Cheri Lee said...

haha Jade is a psycho.