18 October 2007

a few reasons

going from a blond to a dark brunette was a big change for me. I was a blond Florida girl for the last 3 years, my man only knew me as a blond, and I felt that it totally went with my identity. But then it grew boring, and many girls such as:

...made me want to change my image. It was really hard to get used to at first, but I have grown to really love it over the past couple weeks. I think it compliments my skin and eyes, and I can even wear different colors! Bright yellow now looks ok on me! A change of hair can always boost your look and your style more than clothing ever could. I always feel infinitely better about myself after a good haircut. It becomes part of your style and can make or break your image.

Even more importantly, now I have absolutely nothing in common with Heidi Montag, not one thing.

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