02 July 2007

weekend of the purge

I have been reading (and getting very inspired by) retail recovery and her other sites, 34 pieces and a perfectly small wardrobe. I have said before that I hope to build a wardrobe with a few interchangeable high-quality pieces rather than a bunch of disposable crap. This weekend I finally took a step in the right direction and got rid of a ton of clothes. I was able to sell some of my newer items to a consignment shop, and the rest went to Goodwill. My closet is looking better already! I am excited to start focusing on quality and fit instead of "is it on sale?" or "is it trendy?"

My trip to Goodwill also gave me a sweet surprise: a new couch for $20!! I know what you're thinking, that couches from Goodwill are disgusting and $20 for a reason. This one is such an exception though, and I'm so excited about it. I will give it it's own post later!

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Candid Cool said...

retail recovery is part of my daily eat breakfast & check on blogs routine