03 July 2007

bang-up job

Tonight saw quite the excitement around here. I gave myself my first ever self made haircut, but just on my bangs.

They're quite squiggly from being out in the rain, but overall I'm surprised that I didn't butcher them! Wow, bad angle for my roots. This is the most bangs I've had since grade 7, and I am slowly inching my way back to wanting a full forehead of them. Also still debating whether to go dark. I am craving change!

The excitement continued when, in a total geek-out moment, I decided to drag my handsome housemate out to see the 7-11 down the road that was remade as a Kwik E Mart for the Simpsons movie promo.

It was cute and gave us yet another sugar cereal to try. We are addicted to any & all sugary breakfast food!

Maybe tomorrow will be a bit more fashionable.


Candid Cool said...

interesting marketing strategy

Shelby said...

THOSE ARE SICK SICK SICK. Krusty, for the win! And your bangs are amazing.