17 July 2007

oy, pt. II

Life has been so un-fashionable lately. I know my life is wonderful by comparison, but lately the bad luck has been almost unbearable. We just cannot get ahead. We are now living with my parents (ouch, but at least we have our own little corner of the house with private bedroom & bathroom), and this car crash fiasco is looking to drain all finances for years to come. The girl who was rear-ended is looking to milk this situation, and her dishonesty is maddening. I will not say details as she is suing our insurance. but, my man's car did not even hit her hard enough for his airbags to go off, yet she is claiming all sorts of outrageous medical problems from the crash.

Just to top it off, my truly, literally evil, ex-boyfriend is spreading hurtful lies about me still. When I say evil, I mean manipulating, emotionally abusive, brainwashing, gets-pleasure-from-hurting people, cheating, lying, pure evil. I broke things off with him, oh, about 3 years ago, and he is still looking for any way he can to hurt me. I never did anything wrong to him, except I guess bruising his ego when I moved on. I don't contact him or even have passing thoughts about him, but he still feels the need to drag my name through the mud to anyone who will listen. Asking him to stop would just make it worse (because he would get even more pleasure knowing that he's affecting me), so all I can do is try to ignore it. And, I can take my patented steps to emotional recovery!

Step one: get your hair done.
This never fails for me. My hair girl might be expensive, but she is one of my favorite people to talk to and always makes my hair look great. I am now much blonder (at least for the remainder of the summer) and feeling a little better.

Step two: mindless entertainment
I couldn't miss Posh's television debut tonight, and I'm glad I didn't. She has a good sense of humor, even though her image suggests otherwise. Turns out her public image is very calculated...hey, well at least you won't see her running around a la Britney. Wow, do I envy her shoe collection. And now I must go get the new issue of W and look at her pictures whenever I feel like an ice-cream binge. She is unbelievably tiny!
Note: when Posh is not available on tv, Degrassi is always a good alternative. Make sure you record as many episodes as you can, in case of emergency.

Step three: retail therapy of course!
But why oh why must the stores be torturing me with gorgeous fall clothing when it is still in the high 90's every day? I am drooling over thick gray tights and jackets, knowing that they would sit unused for months.

Since my emotional stress is especially draining this time around, I am wondering if I should break my self-imposed ban on credit cards. That's right, I don't own a single credit card. I realize I will probably need one for emergencies during the course of my adult life, but maybe I should start now. Those healing clothes are calling my name!

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Candid Cool said...

beware of credit cards. after the dust clears on all the madness you don't want to be stuck with loads of debt.

and the Posh show was pretty entertaining. I don't care for how she dresses so much anymore, but I sure ain't mad at her!