12 July 2007


I love France. I love studying French, French culture, French geography, French history, French fashion. I fantasize about visiting France on a daily basis. I must have gotten the French bug from my dad, who lived in France for a couple years and will practice speaking with me (although I stopped studying the language 2 years ago, and I am sadly very rusty). My love has been reignited because I have been watching Le Tour, another interest I inherited from Dad. He has cycled for forever, and I grew up watching the Tour every year with him, even pre-Lance. It is just such a beautiful sport and the whole country is passionate about it. I love watching the peloton glide through the gorgeous scenery.

Today two French women came into my work, and I was so tempted to speak to them, even just a friendly "bonjour" or "merci beaucoup", but I am too scared that my accent is horrible and I would sound like I'm trying too hard. I need to make a plan about how I can keep studying French...and how I can get there! I am realizing that if I want to go anytime soon, I just can't buy anything at all, and I must save all the money I can. I am torn between my love of clothes and my need to travel! For now, to satisfy both, I will just have to browse the archives of dans Paris. Le sigh.


L. said...

Hey! I just wanted to say that I just found your blog and I really love it, its really well written. I'm also in love with the girl a couple of posts down. She has amazing style. Is it okay if I link you?

L. said...

Hahaha! It's not about the traffic, its just you are one of the first fashion bloggers I have found who is a) over 14 b) not self-important and c) can string a sentence together. That's impressive. I think I also liked how you said you don't know what to do with life. I can relate to that.

Francophilia said...

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