08 July 2007


Pardon the interruption, as drama has temporarily replaced all the fashion in my life. One handsome roommate in a car wreck (everyone is ok), one crumpled up car, too many hours of searching for a new car, too many sleazy car salesmen, and 10-hour workdays have gotten the best of me. Just as soon as I feel like I'm on top of things, something comes along to screw it up. I know I have it so much better than many people, but it just seems the harder I work, the more frustrating that my life becomes.

So, the good news is that my sister was in town for a few days, and it gave me a much-needed excuse to go shopping (what better way do sisters bond?). I am finally in possession of some buttery soft jazz oxfords, which I plan on wearing everywhere (as soon as I can manage a day off!)

Here's hoping to make it through one week without a major disaster! I must go self treat my stress by browsing the newest lookbooks!

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