26 July 2007

bag it

Today fashionista had an article about the rise in popularity of fake purses. Obviously, this trend is probably much more visible in a city like New York than it is here in Florida. Here, we don't have many super-fashionable rich ladies who wear enviable clothes from Chloe, Chanel, or Prada. Here we seem to have the tacky rich ladies with plastic faces, bleached hair, and lots of Louis Vuitton purses. So, I have always kind of associated Louis Vuitton with this image and it has never been desirable to me. The fakes are definitely even more tacky, since high school girls driving Neons always seem to have the multicolored Louis'. Don't even get me started on Coach or Dooney bags, which are so common (both real and fake) that they are just tired looking.

As for real, designer, non-logo'ed bags, I appreciate the good quality and craftsmanship. I don't like the idea of it-bags, because that is just a trend personified by overpaid celebrities and the rich people who want to feel on par with celebrities. I think Chloe and Mulberry and Balenciaga bags are beautiful, however I could never feel content with spending over a thousand dollars on a purse. I have struggled too much in life (financially) to drop so much money on one item...I would rather save it or take a vacation.

I do think fakes are lame and just for people who want to feel a certain status. People need to open their eyes and see the beauty of unique, non-designer label bags. A cute bag is a cute bag, no matter what the label says. You can find a gorgeous bag for under $300 that has great craftsmanship and materials. There are even great bags at Urban Outfitters. The bag I get complimented on the most is an adorable navy canvas bag from the store. They also have a great variety of non-leather bags, so you can look cute & cruelty-free too!

I think style is always more important than label, and I just wish more people felt that way about purses. I would love to see less plastic-looking "Goachi" and Louis bags, and more individual style choices.


L. said...

I really agree with what you are saying. People put too much emphasis on labels rather than whether or not a bag is actually nice. I must admit though that I have bought copies of 'famous' bags, but only because I liked them. I didn't actually know that they were copies!

I'm also really sorry to here about your troubles. It's always upsetting when you encounter dishonest people, it kind of makes you lose faith in things. I really hope that things get better.

Tamron Lohan said...

HAA! "Goachi." Hilarious. And I totally agree -- dropping the equivalent of your rent on ONE bag that will go out of style in a few months is insane. Bagstealorborrow or whatever it's called is actually a great idea, but I still wouldn't even put forth that kind of effort. I really don't even want to look like the type of person who cares about status bags, you know? I'd rather have a really unique piece that 10,000 other women don't have.