04 January 2008

top model mania

Last night I filled 4 big bags with cast-off clothing from my closet & dresser, getting completely caught up in the Top Model marathon happening on VH1 all week. Truthfully, I was watching it long before last night and may be suffering from Top Model Mania.

Causes are: seeing the same commercials over and over again (Drew Barrymore for Covergirl has been in my bedroom about 13,000 times, and also, those damn ringtone commercials are from hell itself), watching the show get better and better up til cycle 7 then crashing & burning, obsessively watching Tyra's weight go up and down, all the frustration and anger surrounding the phenomenon of "Jaslene", seeing Tyra's crazy example poses over and over and over, etc.

Symptoms may include: voguing in the mirror, experimenting with extremely dramatic eye makeup, using "fierce" in everyday language, feeling like Melrose is your friend in real life, fantasizing about what Tyra would do for your week-2-makeover, and extreme depression at the realization that only 1 cycle remains til this MODELTHON ends.

For the record, I am now obsessed with A.J.'s haircut and want it badly:

UPDATE: my man said "um, veto. that will turn into Mom Hair really quick". Bah!

Anyway, my closet is looking sososo much better and I'm excited to add only very well-thought-out items from now on. I had stuff in there from high school that I probably haven't worn since then. I think I've finally completely let go of the notion "quantity over quality". Speaking of high school, while there, I was extremely obsessed with not repeating an outfit within 2 weeks. I guess I was a product of my affluent/preppy high school where the popular girls had a different Abercrombie shirt for every day of the month. I hadn't developed my personal style all the way and felt that I had to compete. I tried to get as many tops as I could, therefore having to repeat less often. This of course led to a wardrobe chock-full of filler wear, most of which had been edited out previously, but now is almost nonexistent.

For some less-is-more inspiration, check out this flickr photostream of an adorable girl named Rebecca and her ability to mix-and-match to look endlessly fresh (discovered thanks to The Clothes Horse).


Wendy said...

I was like you before sophomore year of highschool, last year. I went to the preppiest middle school and just got all craved up in A&F and Hollister. I brought that style with me to highschool and later realized that I'm not happy.

I still go by that "quantity over quality" because my style is so mercantile. I just keep changing nowadays.

Johanna said...

go for the haircut but be prepared for bimonthly (yes, EVERY two weeks) trips to the stylist to keep your fierce cut from creeping into Mom-ville. the benefits outweigh the stresses, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hello, you have no idea who I am but my name is Rachael. I too am an ANTM fanatic and I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for a picture of A.J.'s haircut. I think you should go for it! Anyway, I think your blog is very entertaining and I'd like to link you to my blog if that's not a weird request! :-)

Anonymous said...

i was just googling antm models and found this page
i freaking adore aj's hair
i did mine like jayla's and it wasnt bad AT ALL
i'd ignore the man