12 January 2008


2008 had definitely not been my year so far, but doesn't January kinda always suck? Hopefully. My bad luck continued today. When my Bluefly order arrived this morning, I was of course excited. I ripped into my package, so excited to see the cashmere & Joe's Jeans. Cashmere? Great. Joe's?

Wrong size. Wrong style.


So, they're going back and of course the ones I actually ordered are now sold out. Parfait! I guess my 3 pairs of pants will just have to last forever, now that I'm unemployed/broke!

Today really is smokin', however. I first noticed it during my run. The air vaguely smelled like a campfire and by the end of my run, it was a little harder to breathe. But the time I took Lola out for her last walk of the night, there was thick, stifling smoke hanging in the air. Further south, there are 2 brushfires that apparently decided to spread their joy all the way up to Orlando. Although unpleasant, I thought of the color smoke and how much I love it. You can't go wrong with gray. There is a gray tone out there for everyone, and it is wonderful to mix & match everything from gunmetal to charcoal.

(warning: pretty much nothing in this picture is affordable).

Listening to: Smoke, by Tristan Prettyman!


Heather said...

At least the smoke inspired you, and you got the money back for the jeans! I'm sorry things aren't going so well, here's to February!

real siyan shanghai said...
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WendyB said...

Seeing as you're not too busy, I tagged you. (Ugh, what's with the annoying spammer...that idiot hit me too.)

Ceci n'est pas une blogger. said...

Aww hopefully next month will be better! And the pieces in the picture may not be affordable, but they definitely are beautiful!

Wendy said...

I love gray! The clothes you pictured are so fabulously unapproachable.