29 January 2008

primary day

I have been SO tired lately due to my *new job* training...yay new job! I am once again a guarder-of-lives for a brand new water park here next to Sea World. It should be fairly fun, except of course for the fact that I have to wear TEVAS every day (could you think of an uglier sandal?!??) The last couple days have been spent swimming for hours and doing practice rescues on individuals who aren't, well, small. At least I'm getting muscles again!

After months of frustration, I finally had some good luck at a thrift store...Savers. I found a boy's navy blue school blazer for $2.50 and a sweater for 2.99:

I have been having fun experimenting different ways to wear it. YES, it is another item with an animal on it, but I couldn't pass it up.

I am not going to start talking politics on my blog, but being a political science major & poli-sci nerd, I went to a Mitt Romney rally (even though I'm Independent...I thought it would be interesting & I had nothing to do!) As many people say, he sure is presidential-looking.

The be-socked wonder in front of me was SO excited, she couldn't stop dancing and bopping up and down, "MITT MITT MITT MITT MITT!"



Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I really would like to steal your sweater. :)

Rebecca said...

I went to public policy grad school and I really miss all the talks and rallies. I used to go to everything. It was a blast. People get sooo into it.

The Clothes Horse said...

That sweater is fun! Good luck with work.

Katie said...

grrr!! i've been looking for the perfect navy blue boys blazer for forever- you bet me to it! i want to buy a really cool patch off ebay and sew it on to look like an old uniform blazer (maybe a school crest or secret society shield). i'm so jealous!

congrats on your job, btw!

Wendy said...

The design on the sweater is so adorable!

Heather said...

Um, I'm totally going to steal that sweater.

WendyB said...

Ha ha! Love that duck sweater.

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alana said...

yay another pol-sci nerd! i thought i was the only one lol

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