24 December 2007

that extra half an inch

My sister came home for Christmas and handed me this book. She knows I love all things Beckham (I'm not embarrassed!) and so is letting me borrow her copy of That Extra Half an Inch.

I spent about an hour browsing through the book so far, and I have to say, it's pretty amusing. Some fun facts about Posh:

-She gets acrylics on her toes in the summer
-She likes to ski, but won't wear those bulky ski goggles
-Her infamous "I have never finished a book" quote was misinterpreted by a reporter after she said that since she has become a mum, she has been so busy that she hasn't finished a single book
-She showers and carries out her complete beauty regimen 2x a day
-She does not let her face get tan

There are actually lots of good tips in there. She urges us not to spend money on trendy items, but to always buy good quality in staples such as denim, boots, and a black dress. She talks about really thinking through an outfit before wearing it. Don't be guilty of just throwing on a shirt because it's on top of the pile and you're too lazy to keep looking for a more suitable option. Pay attention to the little details that make a big difference in your look- clean shiny nails, frizz-less hair, and moisturized skin.

Although she is over-the-top, I have loved Posh since she bopped around the screen in "Wannabe" and will probably always love her. In the book her tone is playful yet knowledgeable, and I will definitely continue reading her book and hopefully pick up some more glam tips.


Envisage said...

love the blog, and i liek the grandad jumper in ur previous post.

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thank you
can you link me?

happy xmas

Heather said...

Posh definitely has star power! I'm interested in seeing her Marc Jacobs ads.

Merry Christmas!

Daniel said...

She wont wear goggles, but she wont ever take off her sunglasses. Pretty amusing.

Kevin said...