01 December 2007

back to fashion, for now

Well, the test is over, thank you to everyone who gave me good wishes! I definitely needed every last one, but alas I don't know if the good feelings were enough to save my sorry, mushy brain. More than 5 hours of mind-numbing testing, and it was such a blur that I don't really know how well I did. I think I totally bombed one section, but maybe made up for it in the other 5? We'll see...I need to know if I should be aiming for the likes of George Washington/Wash.U or more along the lines of SUNY Buffalo/U. of Utah! haha...no offense to any school, I will be happy if I get in anywhere.

SO, being the vain little person I am, felt deserving of a reward just for completing the test. I went to Neiman's Last Call in hopes of finding some new skinny jeans. It was very slim pickings, but I did find some beautiful Vince velvet skinny pants for $60.

They fit like a glove, and will be pretty festive if I dress them up, but I think they can work for everyday wear too.

I tried them on with this top, and it looked awesome, but the top was still $78 and I just couldn't justify that. But let me know if it goes on sale at shopbop, mmmmk?

Ok, it's been awhile so I need to jump back in and catch up with all the wonderful blogs out there, and get a move on my holiday shopping....and with all the crazy traffic around the malls here, I think I will be staying exclusively online!


Valley Girl said...

They're gorgeous!!!

CresceNet said...
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The Clothes Horse said...

oooh, pretty. Velvet pants--you will have to be careful everyone will want to feel your legs!

bigglassesgirl said...

that top is great! My bank statement is the most depressing reading I've had to do including all my exam studying, so I don't think I'll be shopping anytime soon.

Tamron Lohan said...

SHIT! that top is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

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