14 December 2007

shooting stars

After a long day of working 2 retail jobs back-to-back and getting home after midnight, I was walking my dog in an angry huff. As I was pleading with her to do her business quickly, I looked up into the too-hot-for-December sky and gasped. A shooting star! It was so big and bright, it startled me at first. In the split second that I realized what it was, I got my thoughts together and made one huge wish. And no, I'm not telling what it was!

After seeing the star, I felt completely exhilarated. I like to think the star was meant for me--I mean, how many other people could have seen it in that one millisecond? It was a personal sign that everything (bad job, unsure future) is going to be fine.

But, on second thought, maybe I should have wished for one of these items. Especially the shoes and the dress--I am completely in love with it!

(more item details here.)

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