22 December 2007

christmas shopping

with a free day on my hands, I made a trek to the mall for the little odds & ends that would signal the END of my Christmas shopping. What trek it was-- my usual 15 minute drive time took almost an hour, and even singing along loudly with The Clash, Led Zepplin, & Timbaland would not ease my creeping road rage.

On the bright side, I was in and out in about 2 hours and my Christmas shopping is completely done. For some reason, the whole mall smelled like gingerbread so it made things a little more bearable. I had to stop by Forever 21 to see if they had the moose sweater (they didn't), Urban Outfitters for my sister's stocking stuffers, and Neiman Marcus for stuff to pamper my main squeeze. My outfit today was definitely inspired by the Blair look on Gossip Girl, but I of course kept my own style so that I wasn't running around looking like a complete Blair-wannabe with my curled hair, headband, collared shirt, skinny jeans, and leopard print peep-toes:

I tried on a topper that would go with a prep school ensemble, and loved it:

But again, I could not justify a purchase only a mere 3 days before Christmas, especially one that is slightly too heavy to be useful in Florida.

And although I did not find the moose sweater of my Christmas dreams, I found another ugly sweater that is still on my mind-

old man stripes, orange mixed with gray and brown, two different patterns; it is great. If my Christmas bounty doesn't include a sweater, I'll probably be back.

I have to admit that I spent a little bit of money on myself today, just not on any clothes, to congratulate myself. I got a surprise last night in the form of my LSAT scores, more than a week and a half before scheduled arrival. They weren't tip-top Harvard-worthy, but they were certainly okay (possibly worthy of the majority of schools numbered 15 and higher), and I feel immense relief. I think I can now say with (cautious) certainty that I will get into a law school. I found a few little treasures that are in no danger of encroaching on my Christmas list gifts, and I'll be sure to post them tomorrow.

Good luck to anyone who dares venture out into the surely crazy crowds tomorrow!


The Clothes Horse said...

That ugly sweater is quite beautiful and you look very nice Blair-styled, but still yourself.

Anonymous said...

I love that sweater! Where did you find it?