16 December 2007

ew. ew.

Does anyone else hate all the old navy commercials this winter? The new one is so bad (besides the puppies) that it just makes me angry:

The entire store is one nautical-fest right now, with bright spring colors. It doesn't feel like Christmas at all in there. And rugby polos a la Abercrombie '03? I don't get it.

EDIT: the bow tied onto the basketball?? doesn't it totally look CGI'ed? lol.

I can't decide, though, if it's better or worse than last week's commercial:

Yes, that is a shirtless guy playing with a baby. Plus, 3 girls hanging out, one in her underwear. I'm sorry but I can't stand that pants-less model. She is up all over the store and I'm sure she's beautiful, but the art directors just make her look insanely creepy/alien-like (and not in a good Gemma way. Just a bad, scary alien way). It doesn't help that the clothes she's wearing are, um, butt ugly. I don't know if I've just been around them now for too long, but I can really see how shoddy the quality is in that store. There are a few exceptions here and there, like that Mike & Chris knockoff or this blouse, but everything else just falls apart so quickly, some of it even disintegrating right in the store. We have loads & loads of cotton sweaters that already have gapes between the weave and they stretch out as soon as you try them on. Their pants fit horribly, their "dressy" fabrics are thin, bunchy, and wrinkly, and they try to portray a whole image of good quality.

I understand that some of it will work in a pinch, and sure, it's an okay place for athletic socks, undershirts, and dog toys. But the more I'm there, the more I realize that it's just not good clothing. It seems like the company was on the up-and-up, with better things flooding the store during the last couple years, but maybe it was just a phase. I don't know why this makes me so angry, but I just feel like so many of the customers are getting ripped off. Plus, at every turn there is an associate cramming a credit card down your throat. Can't be a pleasant experience.

Could it be that I am almost cured of quick-fix shopping? Well, maybe, except for that Forever 21 moose sweater, haha.


The Clothes Horse said...

Ya, those commercials weren't the best (to put it mildly). I felt the one with the pantless model and the boy and baby was especially disjointed. What sort of family unit is this we are seeing? Their story just doesn't make sense.

Heather said...

I was very bothered by the pantsless model, especially after finding out it was an Old Navy commercial! Victoria's Secret might have almost been acceptable but Old Navy is a family store for Chrissakes!

Heather said...
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