15 August 2007

semi-beauty review: enviga

I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I love energy drinks and I'd be guzzling sugarfree red bulls every day if the darn things weren't $2 each. So naturally I was excited by the debut of Enviga, a sparkling green tea energy drink. It has all sorts of healthy vitamins, but it also claims to burn calories. Sounds perfect, especially since it is only about $1.29 where I used to buy it.

It really does taste good. It comes in plain green tea, peach green tea, and berry green tea. They are all delicious, but I love berry the most. That's where the love ends. I am no rookie to consuming large amounts of caffeine in a short time period (um hello college life?) but this stuff made me downright jittery. And not in a good way...I mean stomachache, restlessness, gross feeling. And it happened every one of the, oh, 10 times I tried this drink.

Then there is the fine print about "calorie burning" aspect. If you read closely, you will see that it takes 3 cans of the stuff to burn an extra 60-100 calories in a day. Um, wow. If I was going to drink 3 cans of this stuff in one day, you'd better believe I'd be burning calories from all the shaking. How about this? How about take a 10 minute walk, burn at least 60 calories, and save 5 bucks. It does taste pretty good, but I will be sticking with good old Arizona when I want green tea.


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