02 August 2007

i am pale.

And I hate it! I know it's not en vogue to be tan anymore, but I just can't help hating my pasty white skin. Ok, so I have never truly been pasty (my dad's mom is from El Salvador and he is quite dark), but I am the palest that I have ever been. High school and college for me meant track/lifeguarding/cross country/camp counselor, plus a little beach/surfing, so I was always out in the sun. A couple years ago, I had 4 freckle/spot thingies removed by my dermatologist. Nothing serious, but I can no longer go tanning with a clear conscience.

I know there are so many good self-tanners, and I have had success with a few of them. I am simply too lazy to keep it up for the long term. I may have to make an exception to keep my legs non-fluorescent. I have been staying away from my dark/light contrast clothing that shows my legs...it is just too harsh! I have to leave behind my black-wash denim crops and my dark leather sandals (has anyone else noticed the horror of pale toes? so gross).

In other news, I have yet another promising job interview tomorrow. With my recent luck I am expecting the worse. But I did pick up a cute Isaac Mizrahi (for Target, duh) blouse to wear. I hope it goes well, because if I get the job I'm going on a Zara spree. I went in there yesterday and fell in love with approx. 100 pieces.

yes, this post is random and noncohesive, but I figured I should try to write something. Hopefully life becomes more interesting so I can pass it on.


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LADY said...

Embrace your paleness! I am English (well, my parents are) so therefore practically opaque. I used to hate it...but now I kinda love being the milky white girl in a sea of brown and gold girls. :-p