16 August 2007

makeup boredom & the curse of the palette

Today Sephora's catalog came in the mail. Everyone knows catalogs are more fun to look through than websites! Sephora always has interesting new looks to inspire my makeup. The problem: I almost never stray from my current routines: neutral shimmery eyeshadow, subtle black liner, lots of mascara (I have shorty lashes), and a glossy lip. For a change, I usually add a bold color eyeshadow (fushia, emerald, purple), and I usually switch it up between bronzer or blush. But that is it.
I have experimented with the smokey eye, the cat eye, and red lips but I always chicken out when it comes to wearing them outside the house.

This fall, I'm challenging myself to wear this look, and one other new look. Since red lips are so blah on me, I think I'll go for gold- benefit's 24k lipstick.
Maybe it's because it's named "sexy gold" but I'm totally sold on this. I think it will go nicely with a dark smokey eye.

Another makeup vow is not to fall victim to the curse of the palette...you know what I'm talking about...those dang makeup palettes that are so cute, you buy them, and then end up using about 1/3 of it and throwing out the rest because now it's too old. Almost every season I give into temptation for one of these.

I can never seem to make every single color in the palette work. Take that DuWop Brown Eyes Palette, which I bough last fall. I pretty much only use the black liner and the lightest shade. It is better to buy eye singles or duos that you know you'll wear. The palettes might be cute and enticing, but they aren't super economical. And since I'm such a sucker for cute packaging, I have ventured outside my normal brands to try new eye palettes. I have found some great brands: beside my standbys of Clinique and Nars, I have discovered that Lorac and Benefit are great eyeshadows that don't crease or fade. So the moral today? Try new things, experiment, but don't buy makeup in bulk!

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Anonymous said...

Nice ideas! And do you like this spring makeup lips?