01 February 2009

best boots

These boots were my Christmas present to myself.

Just like every other Gossip Girl fan, they've been on my radar since Serena wore them in the first season. I finally found them at a good price and in black leather, and I've been wearing them an almost inappropriate amount since they landed on my doorstep. I was hesitant to buy them since they are pull-on, over-the-knee, but my sister (who bought Serena's exact pair last year) assured me they were easy to wear and so worth it. I agree and highly recommend these to anyone-- but watch out, they have no traction on the bottom. No traction + snowy ground + walking in the bus aisle when the bus starts moving = I think I may have broken my tailbone.

Someday I will remember to take pictures again! Happy Superbowl Sunday! None of the teams I like made it this year, but it is an excuse to have friends over and eat junk food!