10 May 2008

yes, please.

I wasn't interested when I first heard about this movie. I was wrong. All the great action aside, one word sums up why you should go:



The Clothes Horse said...

Ha! I am very intrigued by this movie. I adore super hero films.

ambika said...

My boyfriend took me to this last week and despite the fact that I rarely like action movies, this was *fantastic* Robert Downey Jr. is perfect & it's actually clever in parts.

Melisa said...

Hmmm, that's good enough for me. Guess I'll tell the Hubby we can go. LOL

Fashion Ivy said...

it is a fantastic movie. i went to see it twice

Fashion Ivy said...

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Poster Girl said...

I agree, now I have a crush on R.D. Jr.

Sorrelle said...

Nice blog!!! So fun!

Andrea said...

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