01 May 2008

losing it

First, I take a job that requires the same uniform each and every day.

Second, I take a second job that also requires a uniform, therefore taking away any time for me to dress according to my tastes.

Third, getting ready for school this fall takes an insane amount of time to get loans, housing, plans, etc, leaving me no time/reason to ever leave the house when I'm not working.

And fourth, my favorite store, Savers, shut down. I went to visit on this past $0.99 Monday, and was greeted with this sign on the door:
"Savers is closed and will NOT re-open." What a horrible shock. I had no warning, and it was the only viable secondhand store in the Orlando metro.

All these reasons have led to a total fashion drought in my life. When you don't get to choose your clothes daily, it's really hard to care about what you wear. I have still been browsing Wardrobe Remix daily, but that's just to keep the glimmer of fashion love alive. I know it will be back soon; I am moving to a brand new city in 2 months, and I will be solely attending classes so it will provide for many fashionable opportunities and experimentation.
I'm moving from warm, sunny Florida to the mountain west...anyone know of some good deals on off-season boots and coats?? I am not ready at all to make such a drastic climate change...I own like 4 sweaters! Any excuse to shop right?? Life is changing fast, and although this blog might start covering more of my personal life, I refuse to give up on it...It will be great yet!


ambika said...

Uniforms are no fun, I have to agree. Easy, yes, but fun, no. We don't have Savers in Washington--is it a thrift store chain? Or was it just a local shop? Either way, what a bummer.

Anonymous Amy said...

sweater shopping is fabulous. you get to do all that layering with different colors and patterns. and then there's the vast array of boots...oh my this is making me excited..