08 March 2008

and it continues...

Oh boy. The ennui continues. I had forgotten how much of your life is taken up by full-time lifeguarding. Yes, that sounds pathetic and believe me, it sure is. This is a job that practically anyone could do, and it's not very rewarding. But yet it kind of consumes your whole life. Working outdoors on your feet makes you very un-stylish, among other things. On a hot sunny day, you only dream about a cold shower and a nap in the dark with the fan on high. On cold, wet miserable days (like today, omg it was horrible) you dream about a hot shower and a nap wrapped in all your fleece blankets. If tomorrow is your day off, it no longer means "yeah! let's go out tonight!" but "yeah! I don't have to shave my legs tonight!" The days are 10 or more hours long, and by the time I get home and wash the chlorine and sunscreen off of me, it is past 8:00 and it doesn't leave much time to look cute (or have a life).

hmmmm....what shall I wear today...decisions, decisions...

Of course, there are some perks. Lots of overtime pay, it really is an easy job, and no matter how much SPF 30 I put on, all those hours make for a deep, natural tan (just ignore the gosh-awful tan lines that make low-cut shirts impossible)! But luckiest of all, this job is very definitely very temporary...I am officially going to law school this fall. I am accepted, just haven't decided where I'm going yet. It means, among other huge life changes, many fashion adventures in my future.
I am trying hard to not become a sun-baked zombie and trying to get re-inspired. There is a massive amount of cute shoes out this season. I can't remember when so many unique, fashion forward, detailed shoes were available at all price points...it's almost overwhelming!

these mirror one of my favorite silhouettes of the season. great detailing, too.

These shoes from Antrho
are almost too sweet... but not quite enough to deter me from coveting them anyway. yes, those are shimmery pink resin candies on the toes.

Granny-ish, cute, multi-seasonal, and only $38? yes, please.

Ok, so these aren't even close to affordable, but I love them.

Michael Kors has similar wedges for over $100, but I'll take these, from Target, for only $19.99

I can picture these with just about any outfit, ever.

These are the last pricey pair, I promise!

Do you like these? well, you should...because I just bought them yesterday and they are more of a cream color in person, so I plan to wear them daily.


ChiliLady said...

these shoes are soo beautiful!^^

The Clothes Horse said...

I like all the shoes. Lifeguarding seems very stylish, those red suits are classic. And law school...I'm thinking about that. You must give me the scoop before I graduate from college.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Love all the shoes, esp the two last pairs. wow I thought being a liveguard would be so rewarding but I guess you don't have the chance to save too many drowning people. I can see how it would be tiering though...

christine said...

well, I guess saving lives is rewarding, haha...I have just never had a serious enough rescue to actually say I "saved" someone's life. Mostly it's helping distressed swimmers BEFORE they submerge, helping people who flip over and end up underneath their innertube and freak out, and lots and lots of scraped knees.

N/OutofFashion said...

Its all rainy and stormy here in London, I am jealous of you in Florida!

Congrats on Law school! xx