15 March 2008

glad to be a florida girl

So, there are a lot of things I don't like about our current living situation, but on days like today, there's nowhere I'd rather be. The air is just heavy with the smell of orange blossoms, and I can walk my dog at night wearing just a t-shirt. I really appreciate this since last year at this time, it took a parka, 2 pairs of pants, gloves, scarf and hat just to take Lola on her last walk of the night.
Also, it is warm enough right now to wear the Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress that I broke down & bought.

It is the dress that's had my eye since preview pictures came out, but I kinda avoided checking out the collection when it first arrived--low funds still plague my bank account! I had to go to Target today and decided to swing by the clothing section. It was very well picked over- everything left was a size 13. But, stuck in a corner of Mossimo shirts was this arrow-print dress in size 5. What luck! I had to have it. It's a little big, but it looks good loose, the colors are adorable and I love the ruffles on the bottom.
Also at Target? Every pair of tights on clearance. Um, double score?!!! It was hard to stop myself from getting more than the 4 pairs I brought home.
I'm sorry to all who are still stuck in the snow & ice, but you can come visit whenever you want.

update: Oh man, I totally forgot about this! I had to return the dress, boo! Even with its supposed-to-be-loose look, it was just far too baggy up top. My little A's just weren't gonna cut it. I haven't found a suitable replacement at all.


The Clothes Horse said...

I am completely jealous. This is why I am sad my family moved away from Hawaii--or I would be spending my Spring Break from college there right now.

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Katie said...

ahhh! i wish i had access to all that FL sunshine- i'm dying to wear my jovovich hawk for target goodies! chicago is still way too cold for flirty sun dresses.

saray said...

i love that dress!
Rumi from FASHION TOAST owns one.

ambika said...

Man, the last time I picked up a horde of tights from Target, two of them got holes the day I wore them. The dress is darling, though.

Kaye said...

Yay! I have finally found a fashion blog written from someone in Central Florida! I am in Lake Mary and desperate to find better thrift and cosignment stores than what Sanford has to offer, any suggestions?
I am sure I will be an addicted reader of yours. Love the blog!

Stephanie said...

Well, I just found your blog, so obviously I realize this post is a little old, but...
My Target sold out of all of those cute dresses so quickly. I'm guessing part of it was because of Easter, but whatever.
I bought one of the Jovovich-Hawk t-shirts, and one wear and hand wash later, I got a hole in it. So disappointing.