07 April 2008

if you don't want to look like everyone else this summer...

...don't wear these swimsuits.

Day in and day out, I see thousands of tourists/spring breakers wearing carefully-chosen swimsuits. Some are flattering, some are not, and some people should really look in a mirror before they leave the house...but that is for another time.

These are the swimsuits that EVERYONE wears, the swimsuits that I see multiple times a day. You should avoid them in hopes of standing out and looking cute and unique.

Sorry girls, but pretty much every suit from Target has already been scooped up by someone else. I know they are cheap and cute, but so many other girls will have them that you may not be the only girl at the beach party rocking the pink plaid halter.

I guarantee you will see these suits out & about as well.

I know that nautical stripes are in style this summer, but thick, horizontal stripes are everywhere. Especially when one of the colors is white. Same goes for polka dots of any size and color.

Besides Target, mail-order favorite Victoria's Secret has a huge part of the market cornered.
I have seen this pattern in all possible colors and options: bandeau, triangle, spaghetti strap, and halter.no matter how mesmerizing Marisa looks in this style, try to resist!!

Yes, Gisele makes this suit look adorable. But surprise, ladies! The top is see-through. We're talking full nipple disclosure.maybe that's why she is giving us the booty shot

When this Roxy suit first appeared a few years ago, the wannabe surfer girl in me thought it was fun and playful (what?! I have totally surfed, um 3 times. Look for me on Blue Crush II). Now, this suit has permeated the suburbs and chunky tween girls who couldn't tell a longboard from a shortboard are bouncing down waterslides in this bikini:

And finally, the swimsuit that I have seen BY FAR more than any other swimsuit. At least 15 times a day, a girl swims past me wearing this, courtesy again of #1 swimwear stop Target:

To stand out for the crowd, my advice is to stay away from these repeat offenders. If you can't stand to shop anywhere but Target/Victoria's Secret/Pacific Sunwear, know that everyone else is going there too. Look for suits that are a plain solid, or mix up non-matching tops & bottoms. As always, fit is the most important issue and will allow your beautiful beach body to shine on its own.

I will bring you a cute range of swim choices tomorrow, if you can stand to shop outside the mass retailers! But now, I have an ignored dog, some Stella, and some dry skin that need my attention/consumption/moisturizer.


Anonymous said...

I have a lovely swimsuit by Seafolly. It is heavenly - fits comfotablly, is durable, and looks fabulous. The price point is a lot higher than those repeat-offender stores you've mentioned, but I am wearing a suit that I haven't seen anyone else wearing and has stood the test of a few summers.



The Clothes Horse said...

I REALLY want a Betsey Johnson swimsuit but the price tag will assure that only a limited number of people will possess it and I might not be one of them...

Anonymous said...