06 November 2008

ALIVE...sort of

You know how people say that law school is tough, especially the first year?


Does anyone know of a remedial law program? Anyone?

Luckily it has been a little more comfortable thanks to Danielle at solestruck. These shoes are great on my 1-mile, uphill walk to class (and of course my 1-mile, downhill walk home too!)

Found here.

It also snowed like crazy today. I'm talking blizzard. (I'm told it was not even close to a true blizzard, but coming from Florida...yeah...blizzard). I walked to class and the snow was falling so fast...I couldn't help but think of this:

...the snow barrel blast level from Donkey Kong Country. I love that game.

I am trying to keep up with the weather, but it is hard. Last week it was 75, this week 25. How will I ever survive the long snowy winter?

Alice Temperley for Target sweater...AA skirt, same Target boots

Target sweater, Rogan for Target tunic, Levis, Report booties, Great-Grandma's brooch

Anthropologie top, Target sweater, old brown cords, F21 velvet flats.